Living Fully Nourished

Live Fully Nourished for a Full-Health Life


Living Fully Nourished

Today’s food that was one day considered healthy can be just as poisonous as Snow-White’s apple. In this reality, it is not longer sufficient to have a balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet, eat organic or 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Other elements such as food intolerances, toxicity in the environment and stress from our modern lifestyle have to be taken into consideration. These factors disrupt the way our organism – and particularly our digestive and immune systems - naturally function. Also other nutritional needs beyond food must be taken into account: intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual.

Living Fully Nourished looks to identify the origin of a disease, to stop it at its source and to give the organism a chance to recover. Our approach is dedicated to uncovering what food will best contribute to an individual’s wellbeing.
« Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food » -  Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine, IV century BC.

Consultations to be healthy again :

  • Health assessments and medical tests to identify the origin of the disease
  • Recovery program for your organism and to boost your energy level
  • Nutrition plan adapted to your specific needs
  • Identify the reason of the wrong food habits: emotional, psychological, etc.

Who is it for?

  • People suffering from food intolerance
  • People who have a disease and who want to check if it might be caused by inadequate food.
  • Anybody looking to live in perfect health thanks to their nutrition and life style