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19/11/2017 - Winter foods to keep warm and healthy
When its cold outside we prefer to eat warm or hot food, such as soup, potaje, stew, legumes and chestnuts in Spain; or fondue, raclette and croûte in the Swiss alpine villages. But, are these the best dishes to consume in winter?


10/01/2013 - Prevent winter illnesses

flu, rhinopharyngite, angina...
it is never too late to prevent illness thanks to the nutrition!

Come and learn how to better eat in the winter.
How to boost your immune system with foods that will strengthen you.
Discover why inadequate food and toxics make you get sick.
Protect your children from the microbes of the winter by strengthening their defences!

Start a new year in good health!

with Gemma Calzada

Wednesday 23th January 2013
9am to 10am


at Life Motivations Center
5, chemin de la Radio, 1293 Bellevue, Geneva

Price: CHF 20.- Seats are limited.
Reservation: gemmac@lifemotivations.ch

Phone: +41 22 518 07 92